Designation of manufacturer in SINTEF Technical Approval

SINTEF Building and infrastructure has changed the designation of product manufacturer in SINTEF Technical Approval;

  • Chapter 2 Manufacturer has been deleted
  • Information regarding manufacturer has been moved to the new chapter 7 Factory production control
  • It is not mandatory to state the manufacturer with full name and address in the approval, but as a minimum must the country where the product is manufactured be specified
  • The control description belonging to the approval will also in the future contain the complete information regarding the manufacturer and system regarding factory production control (no changes from earlier)

In the new text in chapter 7 Factory production control can one of the following alternatives be used:

  • The product is produced by"manufacturer with name and address, including land".
  • The product is produced in"country"for"approval holder".

These changes will apply to new approvals and when existing approvals are renewed every 5th year.

The holder of existing approvals may also order an earlier update of approval documents according to these changes if desired.