Documentation for construction products

All construction products that are placed on the market need to have product documentation according to European and Norwegian Regulations.

SINTEF Building and Infrastructure is notified body for testing, inspection and certification of construction products as a basis for CE marking. SINTEF Building and Infrastructure is also the Norwegian member of EOTA and issue European Technical Approvals
SINTEF Certification is a department of SINTEF Building and Infrastructure which issues certificates and approvals for construction products. Documentation is issued as SINTEF Product Certificates, SINTEF Technical Approvals and European Technical Approvals.
SINTEF Product Certificate issued by SINTEF Certification is an attestation of conformity to a technical specification for a building product, and confirms that the product is subject to satisfactory product and factory production control. SINTEF Product Certification is a voluntary system. SINTEF Certification is accredited for certification of construction products. More information regarding SINTEF Product Certification
SINTEF Technical Approval (TG) is a national approval system for building materials, components and construction systems, managed by SINTEF Certification. The purpose of an approval is to certify that a building product has been found fit for its intended use, when applied as stated in the approval. A SINTEF Technical Approval shall in one document also fulfil the requirements for documentation of construction product performance imposed by the Norwegian building regulations. More information regarding SINTEF Technical Approval