Personal Certification

Background for the scheme

The standard INSTA 800 "Cleaning Quality - System for Determining and Assessing Cleaning Quality" was certified by an audit in 2010. The standard was again released in a revised version in 2018 and is now divided into two parts; INSTA 800-1 and INSTA 800-2. Part 1 of the standard deals with the system for measuring the quality of cleaning, while conditions for the declaration of conformity that can form the basis for certification of users of INSTA 800-1 have been moved to part 2 of the standard.

SINTEF certifies people for level 3 and 4 according to the standard part 2. The certification is carried out and followed up in accordance with the requirements of NS-EN ISO IEC 17024. 

The purpose of the certification for INSTA 800-1 is to document that users of the standard have the necessary knowledge to work with the standard properly. The standard requires that documentation of such knowledge shall be made through certificates issued by a third party's certification body. A certification can aid: