Personal Certification for INSTA 800

In the normative standard INSTA 800-2:2018, it is stipulated that competence on INSTA 800-1:2018 at Knowledge level 3 and Knowledge level 4 can only be documented through a personal certificate issued by an independent third-party certification body, see points 1 and 3 of the standard. SINTEF is an independent third-party certification body that certifies users of INSTA 800 "Cleaning quality - System for establishing and assessing cleaning quality".
Certified persons overview
More information about person certification:
Background for the scheme
Who can be certified?
Application and documentation
Validity and renewal of certificate
Update of certificates after release of new version of INSTA 800 in 2018
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Course and exam
Approved lecturers and examiners

Background for the scheme

Certification requirements in INSTA 800-2

The standard INSTA 800 " Cleaning quality - System for establishing and assessing cleaning quality " became certifiable in the revision in 2010. The standard was again published in a revised edition in 2018, and is now divided into two parts; INSTA 800-1 and INSTA 800-2. Part 1 of the standard includes systems for measuring cleaning quality, while conditions for declaration of conformity that can form the basis for certification of users of INSTA 800-1 have been moved to part 2 of the standard.
Compliance with the competence requirements for Knowledge Level 3 and Knowledge Level 4 can only be declared through documentation issued by a third-party certification body. The certification body must be able to demonstrate compliance with EN ISO/IEC 17024 and demonstrate certification according to this standard as its area of activity.

The purpose of certification for INSTA 800-1 is to document that users of the standard have the necessary knowledge to work with the standard correctly. The standard requires that documentation of such knowledge be done through certificates issued by a third-party certification body. A certification can contribute to:
  • general competence enhancement among users of the standard, to the benefit of both those performing cleaning and recipients of cleaning services
  • that the standard is used correctly for:
    • preparation of tender documents
    • planning of cleaning
    • determination of quality requirements; ensure that the requirements are placed at the right level
    • quality control; correct results (true value) and intended degree of reproducibility in quality controls
  • to avoid misuse of the standard, for example adaptations that are not acceptable in relation to the framework and requirements given in the standard.

Knowledge levels in INSTA 800-2

Knowledge level 3 is recommended for people who carry out INSTA inspections, supervisors and buyers. The owner has detailed knowledge of all/large parts of the INSTA 800 series.
Knowledge level 4 is recommended for everyone who teaches INSTA 800, customer and supplier contract managers, planners and people who prepare offers. The certificate holder masters the use of the INSTA 800 series in every way.
Knowledge levels 1 and 2 do not require any certification and are recommended for administrative management and cleaners respectively.

SINTEF Personal certificate for INSTA 800

SINTEF certifies people for knowledge levels 3 and 4 in accordance with part 2 of the standard. The certification is carried out and followed up in accordance with the requirements of NS-EN ISO IEC 17024.
Certificates are issued in Norwegian, Danish or English. Norwegian certificates refer to the Norwegian version NS-INSTA 800-1:2018, and Danish certificates refer to the Danish version DS/INSTA 800-1:2018. Certificates in English are primarily issued to holders in the other Nordic countries, with reference to the English version of the standard DS/INSTA 800 E:2018. DS/INSTA 800 E:2018 is the overall version of the standard. 

Who can be certified?

Certification can be applied for by persons who have completed a course and passed the exam with an approved course provider and examiner.
Course and exam diplomas must be issued a maximum of 12 months before the date of application.
In addition, the invoice for certification costs must be paid before the certificate can be issued. 


Costs for evaluating and issuing a certificate are NOK 3,350. This includes a fee for issuing a certificate of NOK 2,000 and a fee of NOK 1,350 for maintaining the certification for one year. The holder then pays NOK 1,350 per year to maintain the certification. The costs does not include VAT and applies to 2023.

The following discount is given on the annual fee for personal certification for companies/institutions that have a larger number of certified employees:

Between 15 and 24 certified: 10% reduction (discounted annual fee is NOK 1,215)
Between 25 and 49 certified: 20% reduction (discounted annual fee is NOK 1,080)
50 or more certified: 30% reduction (discounted annual fee is NOK 945)

The discount is given for all certified persons in the company/institution.

Application and documentation


Application for certification is normally submitted by the course/exam organiser. The applicant must complete the necessary information in the application form and agreement on certification and sign the application.  Applications are submitted by the course and exam provider together with course and exam diplomas and any other documentation.
The applicant can also apply for certification via The applications must the following information:
  • Personal data:
    • Full Name
    • Date of Birth
    • Address (private)
    • Invoice Address (if different from private address)
    • Phone no.
    • E-mail Address
  • What is being applied for certification including the level of knowledge
In addition, the documentation mentioned below must be attached to the application
Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Attachments to the application

The following must be attached to the application:
  1. Exam diploma
  2. Course diploma
  3. CV (desirable at first time certification)

Validity and renewal of certificate

The certificate is valid for five years, provided that the holder submits a report on activities related to the use of INSTA 800-1. Reports of activities shall be sent in the middle of the validity period; approximately 30 months after the certificate has been issued or renewed. The certificate can be renewed after five years if the holder so wishes. SINTEF will send a request to the holder by e-mail approximately three months before the certificate expires. The holder of the certificate must confirm the request for renewal and attach the necessary documentation.
Renewal is assessed based on the submitted documentation. Documentation must be sent to

Termination and withdrawal of certificate

Mutual termination of the certificate can only be done at turn of the year and shall be notified in writing before the 1st  of December. The certificate can be withdrawn at any time if annual fee is not paid in time, if misuse of the standard can be documented, if activity reports are not submitted in time, or if changes in contact information or invoice address are not reported to SINTEF Certification. Any fees paid by the holder will not be repaid by withdrawal.


Restoration of certificate

Certificates that have expired, been terminated or withdrawn can be restored under the following conditions:

  1. If application is received less than 12 months after expiry/termination/withdrawal date: Restoration can be done without a new exam, provided any missing activity reports have been submitted.
  2. If application is received 12 months to 30 months after expiry/termination/withdrawal date: Restoration can be done after attending and passing exam of an update course. In addition, any missing activity reports have to be submitted.
  3. If application is If application is received more than 30 months after expiry/termination/withdrawal date: Restoration  can only be done after attending and passing exam of complete course (minimum 15 hours).
In addition invoice for certification cost and any annual fee must be paid before the certificate can be issued.
Course and exam
SINTEF AS has entered into cooperation agreements with several course and examination organizers that can form the basis for certification in accordance with INSTA 800. Approved courses, examination plans and examiners described in SINTEF`s guidelines for personal certification according to INSTA 800.

Course organizers

Glad Consulting A / S  (certification course in Denmark)
Vallensbækvej 65
DK-2625 Vallensbæk
Phone: +45 70 255 477
Contact person: Klara Maria Mikkelsen , tel. + 45 317 58 277 
Ren-Consult AS  (certification course in Norway)
Skotselvveien 329
PB 255 3301 Hokksund
Tel. +47 473 48 283
Contact person: Per Arne Løvstad
Svein Taraldsen Consult AS (certification course in Norway)
Aslakveien 14
0753 Oslo
Tel. +47 22 52 39 90 / +47 917 61 620 
Contact person: Eyvind Taraldsen

Approved lecturers and examiners

Klara Marie Mikkelsen, Glad Consulting A/S
Lonnie Eickworth, Glad Consulting A / S
Per Arne Løvstad, Ren-Consult AS
Tore Herseth Barlo, NHO Service
Unny Ingvaldsen, Toma AS
Eyvind Taraldsen, Svein Taraldsen Consult AS
Arve Herdlevær, Svein Taraldsen Consult AS
Kjell Jespersen, Svein Taraldsen Consult AS
Skender Rashiti, Svein Taraldsen Consult AS