European Technical Assessment (ETA)

A European Technical Assessment (ETA) is issued for construction products where the manufacturer wishes to CE mark the product, but where the product is not covered by a harmonized European product standard. It is not compulsory to apply for ETA for a product, but if an ETA is to be prepared, the product must be CE-marked accordingly.
In principle, an ETA can be prepared for all types of construction products. The CE mark provides formal access to marketing and sales in the internal European market according to the European Construction Products Regulation (ECPR). This also applies to Norway.
ETA is prepared by a European Technical Assessment Body (TAB). Such bodies are appointed by the authorities in the individual European countries, within different product areas. The assessment bodies must be members of the European Organization for Technical Assessment, abbreviated as EOTA ( ). In Norway, SINTEF Building and Infrastructure is appointed as a technical assessment body and can prepare an ETA in most areas of construction products.
An ETA is prepared based on an assessment document: The European Assessment Document (EAD). The EAD primarily describes which product properties are appropriate to include in a CE marking, as well as how the properties should be determined and controlled. Normally, an EAD must first be prepared for the product or product area in question. For some product areas, guidelines have previously been prepared in the form of an ETAG (European Technical Approval Guideline). An ETA can be prepared based on existing ETAGs used as EADs. An ETA can also be prepared based on an issued EAD, as these are available at EOTA, provided that an EAD is adequate for the product.