TG 20679  Solido SMART +P minirenseanlegg


Premier Tech Water and Environment GmbH
Am Gammgraben 2
19258 Boizenburg

Contact person holder

Jürgen Herfert

Contact person SINTEF

Willy Thelin

Sanitary products - Sewer systems

Waste water treatment systems <50PE

Number Product Holder Valid until
TG 20118 August AT minirenseanlegg med kjemisk felling August Norge AS 01.04.2022
TG 20425 Green Rock IISI S6 PRO Avalon Nordic Oy 01.11.2025
TG 20442 Biorock renseanlegg BIOROCK S.à.r.l. 01.09.2023
TG 20108 Biovac FDN minirenseanlegg Biovac Environmental Technology AS 01.02.2023
TG 20583 Biovac FD minirenseanlegg med mottakstank og slamtørke Biovac Environmental Technology AS 01.02.2023
TG 20625 Biovac FD minirenseanlegg med kombitank Biovac Environmental Technology AS 01.02.2023
TG 20324 Ipec minirenseanlegg Ipec Miljø as 01.07.2024
TG 20106 Klargester BioDisc minirenseanlegg Kingspan Miljø AS 01.04.2022
TG 20402 Biosafe minirenseanlegg Kingspan Miljø AS 01.04.2025
TG 20111 Baga Easy minirenseanlegg med biomoduler Kingspan Water & Energy AS 01.10.2026
TG 20150 Klaro minirenseanlegg Klaro Renseanlegg Norge AS 01.05.2023
TG 20700 Biocleaner Renseanlegg Miljørens AS 01.04.2025
TG 20736 Biocleaner DUO minirenseanlegg Miljørens AS 15.02.2025
TG 20582 Topas Plus minirenseanlegg Norsk Miljøservice AS 01.07.2022
TG 20439 IN-DRÄN Minirenseanlegg Biobädd 5 CE Northern Environmental and Water Solutions 01.12.2025
TG 20513 Odin Batchpur minirenseanlegg Odin Miljø AS 01.04.2022
TG 20728 Odin Aero Minirenseanlegg Odin Miljø AS 01.07.2025
TG 20679 Solido SMART +P minirenseanlegg Premier Tech Water and Environment GmbH 01.06.2024
TG 20144 Wehoputs minirenseanleg Uponor Infra AB 01.07.2024
TG 20379 Clean 1 minirenseanlegg Uponor Infra AB 01.03.2024
TG 20117 Baga Easy minirenseanlegg med biotank Vestfold Plastindustri AS 01.06.2022
TG 20247 Wallax minirenseanlegg med sirkulasjonsfilter Wallax as 01.11.2025
TG 20426 Wallax minirenseanlegg Wallax as 01.11.2025